Crocheted Baby Hat & Slippers

For my birthday my mum bought me these two “Crochet your own…” sets. I had never done crochet before, but really wanted to, and this pushed me into learning.


The sets both came with a crochet hook in the size I needed, the wools that were needed, and a needle for threading in the ends. I struggled with the hooks that came with the sets because they were quite small, and sort of seemed to get lost in my hand, so I purchased a set of hooks that had larger, silicone handles from Amazon, and found them much easier to work with.

The wools and threading needle included in the kit, and the 3.5mm hook I used.
The crochet hooks that I purchased on Amazon!












Admittedly I restarted the slippers about 4 or 5 times, and it took me nearly a whole day to just make the first one. I kept losing count of where I was, and forgetting whether I needed to be using a single or a double crochet.  Once I got the hang of it though, I was quite happy with how the first slipper came together.

I found making the second slipper was a massive problem though. I thought I’d manage to make the second one quicker, having already made the first one. Boy, was I wrong. It took me almost twice as long to make the second slipper, because no matter what I did I just couldn’t get it to look the same. When I eventually got the actual body as close to matching the first one as I could, I moved on to trying to make the face, and had to give up because it just wouldn’t match. So, I figured the best solution was to give them little button eyes!

To be honest, I feel like the jury is still out on the eyes, they look a little creepy to me!


Once the slippers were out of the way it was time to move on to the hat!

The fact that I had to start the hat with a magic loop, instead of a chain like I did with the slippers, was a little off putting at first. I spent a little bit of time on YouTube watching various videos on how to do it before giving it a try, and once I got the hang of the best way to hold the yarn, it actually wasn’t as difficult as I thought! The instructions for the hat were also much easier than the slippers (there was no pesky decrease!) and I got to practice my 11 times tables! Oddly though I actually found the pom pom quite difficult! I wrapped the yarn around the card and started cutting, and then it all started falling out of the middle!! Back to YouTube I went for help on how to make pom poms, and in the end I managed to get it right!


I am really happy with how all three items came out, especially since they were my first crochet projects, and I’m a bit excited about learning to crochet more and more bits!

The only problem is, now I’ve learned knitting and crochet, how will I find time for cross stitch as well?!

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