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PokeThrones Days 12-16 & Finish!

Here is my Game of Thrones season 8 prediction, using the medium of needle, thread and aida. I decided to name it PokeThrones because I have no imagination. Technically this will not fit in your pocket, but sssshhhh. All in all, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, I think. The blue dragon seems […]

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Pokemon/Game of Thrones Stitch – Days 1 & 2 Progress

There’s nothing quite like combining 2 fandoms! So for this stitch, one of my favourite things (Game of Thrones) is marrying one of Robin’s favourite things (Pokemon). I found this awesome image online, and it also happens to be my prediction for Season 8! Here is the pattern, again created using the CrossStitchEditor app on […]

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