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gryffindor inspired crocheted book mark

Gryffindor Crocheted Book Scarf

A complete u-turn on knitted book scarves, I discovered that crochet is the way forward! These cute little Gryffindor book marks are now for sale in the store!

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Crocheted Baby Hat & Slippers

My first real crochet projects were a baby hat and slippers. Find out all about how they came together here!

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Hufflepuff knitted book scarf

Hufflepuff Knitted Book Scarf

For my friend Amy’s birthday I decided she needs a knitted Hufflepuff book scarf! These are now available for pre-order so get in touch!

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PokeThrones Days 12-16 & Finish!

Here is my Game of Thrones season 8 prediction, using the medium of needle, thread and aida. I decided to name it PokeThrones because I have no imagination. Technically this will not fit in your pocket, but sssshhhh. All in all, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, I think. The blue dragon seems […]

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Pokemon/Game of Thrones Days 8 – 11

11 days into this Pokemon/Game of Thrones cross over, and I’m really not far off finishing now. I’m pretty happy with how progress has gone overall so far! The best thing about updating my progress online is being able to see my projects progressing. If I had a heart it would probably make me feel […]

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